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Tourist visa to the USA: how to get it as quickly as possible

Tourist visa to the USA: how to get it as quickly as possible

16 November 2022

Russians can still get a US tourist visa. The most important thing is to carefully prepare the case, starting the preparation process in advance, and to sign up for an interview.

Basic practice shows that a reservation to the US consulates, where there is a reception of non-residents, is available for 2023. It happens that there are additional dates, but this may become known later.

The key task is to find a country with a functioning consulate and have time to submit documents for an interview. ARAVANA Multifamily Office specialists, together with partners, have already done part of this work for you.

So, right now you can sign up for an interview:

  • in consulates in Poland, Brazil, South Africa — for November;
  • at the consulates in the UK and Barados — for December;
  • in the UK and Serbia — for January and February.

The practice of obtaining tourist visas in this way is positive: our clients received such visas in the autumn of this year in Poland, Serbia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Great Britain and Latvia.

It is worth remembering that there is currently a high risk of refusal to obtain a visa, so the documents must be prepared with special care. We are always ready to provide comprehensive support in collecting and forming a package of documents, as well as consultations on the topic of obtaining visas.

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