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Top 20 countries for residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship

Top 20 countries for residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship

9 November 2022

The speed of the modern world makes you move faster and faster. Instead, civilization opens borders, allows you to freely manage assets, gives you security and an alternative choice.

You can manage your freedom – for example, by obtaining citizenship of another state through investment.

ARAVANA Multifamily Office specialists, together with partners, are ready to provide comprehensive support in determining the most appropriate jurisdiction and optimal conditions for obtaining investment citizenship or residency.

Here are the 20 most relevant offers.


  • Grenada from $200,000
  • Vanuatu from $150,000
  • Turkey from $400,000, a residence permit here will cost from $50,000 depending on the location of the investment object
  • Montenegro from 450,000 euros
  • US Green Card under the EB-5 program from $800,000

Permanent residence:

  • Cyprus from 300,000 euros
  • Start-up Visa of Canada from $200,000

Residence permit:

  • Golden Visa in Portugal from 280 000 euros, in Spain – from 500 000 euros
  • Spain and Italy on the basis of financial independence
  • Greece under the “Digital Nomad” program with a monthly income of 3,500 euros
  • Austria from 100,000 euros in the account or the minimum amount of funds invested
  • UAE from $180,000, Georgia from $100,000, Thailand from $270,000
  • Latin America: Argentina from $100,000, Mexico from $137,000, Costa Rica from $150,000, Panama from $300,000

In all cases, we are talking either about investments in real estate, or about the presence of special conditions for wealthy citizens. 

Leave your details in the form below and we will contact you for a detailed consultation.

9 November 2022
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