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Real estate in Israel

Real estate in Israel

16 June 2022

Israel is a very expensive country. Expensive in every sense: both in terms of the cost of everyday life, and in terms of real estate prices. But why should one care about prices if there is an ideal climate, smiling friendly people and a respectful attitude to the institution of private property.

The main part of Israeli real estate – both residential and commercial – is suitable for sale, including to foreigners. At the same time, it is worth knowing that tax benefits do not apply to foreign owners. In addition, banks accompanying transactions are very attentive and demanding to the purity of the origin of capital. In some cases, the bank can ask to confirm it.

In Israel, land is divided into public and private. Foreigners can easily purchase real estate located on private land.

To pay for the transaction, foreign citizens can open accounts in Israeli banks and transfer to them amounts sufficient to pay for the cost of the object. Payment for residential real estate is made in the local currency – shekels. Taking it into account, it is worth keeping a certain amount for the conversion of funds.

So, the indisputable advantages of buying real estate in Israel:

  • high liquidity and constantly rising prices;
  • simple transaction schemes and a high level of transparency at each stage;
  • developed infrastructure, favorable climate, a variety of real estate offers;
  • no property tax.

The high demand for real estate explains, among other things, the rather serious cost per square meter. But if such a purchase is an investment, the costs will be fully justified: over time, housing in Israel only becomes more expensive. 

An important point is that Israeli banks work well with foreigners. In some cases, bank loans can cover at least 50% of the cost of housing. 

Access to some of the premium properties may be difficult, a number of offers are not available for open sale, but there is a multi-service ARAVANA Multifamily Office to solve such problems. Through the services of the company, any doors open in the real estate market – and it’s easier than it seems.

ARAVANA Multifamily Office offers apartments of 50 sq. m. in the northern part of Tel Aviv on the second line to the sea. The cost of the object is from $ 1.2 million, the completion date is September 2022.

Another magnificent object with an area of 70 sq. m. is located in a new building in the central district of Tel Aviv. It will be commissioned in December 2022, its price is from $1.4 million.

The third object from the premium line of offers is an apartment on the first line in Netanya with panoramic sea views. The object with an area of 160 sq. m. has already been commissioned, its price is $1.5 million.

Details can be obtained with a personal consultation.

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