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Private flight: reliable, fast, fascinating

Private flight: reliable, fast, fascinating

23 November 2022

In the end, everything consists of impressions. A flight by a private jet of a modern corporate class model, the interior of which was worked on by foreign designers, will leave a pleasant aftertaste for a long time.

We often talk about the advantages of private flights. ARAVANA Multifamily Office customers know for sure: it is luxury, affordable and excellent in quality. Today, the focus is on the exclusive Sukhoi Superjet VIP aircraft, available for booking in the following destinations:






The main advantage of this board is the highest level of comfort and its balance with technical characteristics.

There are 19 seats in this plane, the interior of which was worked on by foreign designers. Cruising speed — 860 km/h. The luggage compartment is sufficient to accommodate everything that you consider necessary to take with you. But you stop worrying about  the technical data as soon as you get on board.

SSJ has all the conditions for rest or successful business negotiations during the flight.

You can take a pet to the salon if its weight is not more than 10 kg.

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