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Marco overview of the current week

Marco overview of the current week

14 September 2022

Apple presented the iPhone 14

Apple has unveiled new flagship devices at its annual presentation. The main product of the company, the iPhone, has been updated to version 14, there were no fundamental innovations in the design, but from a technical point of view, a satellite communication mode has been added.

Apple shares rose to $156 after a series of protracted sales. For a confident rise, achievement of a foothold above $159 in needed.

Silver under pressure

Silver prices have fallen to lows since mid-2020, ending the decline for the third week in a row. According to the CFTC, the net short position on silver rose to 21059 contracts by August 30, which is a record for three and a half years.

The volume of a long speculative position on silver has decreased to lows in 2 years.

Today, an ounce of silver costs $17.98. Since the beginning of 2022, the precious metal has fallen in price by 33.7%. Purchases are clearly worth the wait.

14 September 2022
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