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Marco overview of the current week

Marco overview of the current week

12 October 2022

The US national debt has updated the record

The US national debt has broken another record mark of $31 trillion.

The main share of this debt is domestic, that is, the holders of debts are private individuals and US hedge funds.

It looks like a disaster in the press, but the whole point is in the details:

  • the US economy remains the largest in the world;
  • its dollar is the world’s reserve currency;
  • The USA can always print money;
  • the amount of debt is not important. The ability to serve it is important, and Washington has no problems with this.

Big numbers don’t mean collapse.

Micron invests in chip manufacturing

Micron is investing $100 billion to build a computer chip manufacturing plant in New York State. The program is designed for 20 years.

The company plans to expand its niche in the chip sector amid a global shortage with their supplies.

Micron shares rose 4.5% to $53.96. There is potential for further gains.

12 October 2022
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