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Macro overview of the current week

Macro overview of the current week

18 January 2023

The USA has reached the limits of the national debt

The official limit of the US national debt will be reached this week. Treasury Secretary J. Yellen called on Congress to increase or suspend the limit “in a timely manner.”

The milestone is $31.4 billion.

The approval must go through Congress. But the USA loves the show: the vote on the speaker’s candidacy was scheduled 15 times. There is a chance that the “ceiling” of the national debt will not be moved so easily.

The “new season” of the Hollywood drama “Raise the Ceiling” will begin on January 19. Capital markets may face a wave of turbulence.

The Swiss Central Bank lost 17.5% of the country’s GDP on the stock exchange

A sharp decline in stocks and bonds in 2022 forced the Swiss Central Bank to record losses. They amounted to $143 billion.

This is about 17.5% of Switzerland’s GDP.

The losses were higher than the entire GDP of Morocco.

On the balance sheet of the SNB there are sovereign bonds (64%), other bonds (11%) and stocks (25%).

2022 was the first year in almost a hundred years when the stock market and the bond market recorded a double-digit percentage decline.

18 January 2023
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