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Macro overview of the current week

Macro overview of the current week

30 November 2022

China Stocks: Buying for the future

US hedge funds are buying up Chinese stocks. Goldman Sachs: major players consider it right to increase positions during the sale.

By the beginning of the fourth quarter, 20% of US hedge funds had at least one long position in shares of Chinese companies.

The peak of demand is noticeable in stocks: Alibaba, NIO, Baidu – by the way, we have considered them recently, Pinduoduo, JD com.

Does the Chinese market have growth potential? Definitely.

Manchester United has shares, and they have risen in price

The football club is on the stock exchange. And it is real.

The shares of the English club Manchester United this week soared on the NYSE exchange to the highs of 14 months. The growth in two days exceeded 45%.

The team has been unprofitable for the last three years. However, now the management is looking for options to attract finance or sell the club to potential buyers.

The club is headed by David Beckham. He’ll definitely come up with something.

MANU shares were trading at $18.80, the technical picture is mixed.

30 November 2022
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Macro overview of the current week

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Macro overview of the current week

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