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Investments in Brazil: income and residence permit

Investments in Brazil: income and residence permit

5 October 2022

Brazil is a country of great scale, opportunities and horizons. It is an incredibly multifaceted state with vibrant national traditions, ancient culture and an amazing climate. In Brazil, they are looking for colors, impressions, emotions and discoveries.

At the same time, domestic tourism in the country is very well developed, and at least 75% of hotel occupancy is provided by residents. The Brazilian real is one of the stable currencies of developing economies. It is one of the few that have remained relatively stable against the US dollar this year.

ARAVANA Multifamily Office specialists together with partners offer a unique opportunity to invest in resort real estate in Brazil with a stable income and the possibility of obtaining a residence permit. For example:

  • an object inside a 5* resort under the control of a large Atlantica operator. The resort has been operating for more than three years and has a high rating on booking sites;
  • duplex of 50 sq. m, price from $103,000, fixed yield of about 7% per annum in the first two years;
  • villa on a plot of 3 acres, 105 sq. m. Price – from $ 250 thousand, construction period – up to 12 months, estimated yield – 8-14% per annum;
  • a room at the Radisson Hotel. 38 sq. m, an ideal choice for a conservative investor. Price – from $150,000, fixed yield – 6-8% for 12 years.

This is only a part of the most relevant offers.

With an investment of $130,000 or more, Brazil offers options for obtaining a residence permit for the whole family.

For more information, leave your details in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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