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Golden Dubai visas: an ideal “safe haven”

Golden Dubai visas: an ideal “safe haven”

23 November 2022

Vague prospects, unclear expectations and constant doubts about the future — such definitions do not exist for holders of golden visas of the United Arab Emirates.

Official statistics confirm that in the period from 2019 to 2022, more than 151 thousand foreigners received golden UAE visas in Dubai. At least 15.5 million entry and residence permits have been issued to the same category.

What is a golden visa?

This is an analogue of a residence permit in the UAE. They are intended for scientists, entrepreneurs, people with exceptional talents and highly qualified specialists. In order to get such a visa in exchange for investments, it is necessary to invest from 5 to 10 million dirhams.

Starting from the fall of 2022, the conditions for obtaining golden visas have become easier. The UAE authorities have reduced the amount of investments in projects to 2 million dirhams (about $ 545 thousand), allowed the purchase of real estate under construction and mortgages, and also lifted restrictions on the duration of stay in other states.

The Golden visa allows:

  • to move to the UAE with the whole family;
  • to open accounts with local banks and use their services;
  • to study and receive full-spectrum medical services;
  • to optimize taxes and much more.

A golden visa is issued for 10 years for investment or purchase of real estate.

With a golden UAE visa, it is not necessary to live in the country — you can come here a couple of times a year to maintain the status and definitely have a “safe haven” option in turbulent times.

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