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Citizenship of Grenada: the absolute advantages of a second passport

Citizenship of Grenada: the absolute advantages of a second passport

14 September 2022

Grenada is a small country in the Caribbean Sea. The country cannot boast its size, its area is only 344 km2, but it has a stunningly comfortable tropical sub-equatorial climate, a diverse landscape, attractive living and working conditions.

The Grenada Citizenship Program has been in existence since 1997. It allows you to get a passport of the state in exchange for investments. There are two ways of investing, and each of them deserves special attention.

  • Non-refundable investment in the national fund. This is a one-time payment to the National Transformation Fund. The funds invested by the investor are directed to the development of the economy of Grenada. The contribution amount per person is $150,000. However, for spouses with two children, such a payment will amount to $200,000.
  • Purchase of real estate in Grenada. There is a list of objects approved by the government – it is necessary to choose a suitable object from it. The amount does not depend on the composition of the family and is equal to $ 200,000. After 5 years, the property can be sold and part of the funds returned. 

In addition to the main part of the contribution, the investor bears the associated costs of state duties.

The citizenship of Grenada can be claimed not only by the investor himself, but also by his family members: spouse, parents of spouses, brothers and sisters of spouses, children under 30 years of age.

And now about the advantages of citizenship of Grenada – it is really worth the effort and time spent:

  • visa-free entry to 144 countries, including the UK, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Schengen area;
  • access to the US E2 visa;
  • the possibility of obtaining a tourist visa B1 /B2 USA;
  • reduction of the tax burden: citizens of Grenada do not pay tax on world income, as well as on dividends and interest received in other countries.

ARAVANA Multifamily Office specialists, together with partners, are ready to provide comprehensive support and assistance in obtaining a second citizenship.

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