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Business flight: easy and convenient

Business flight: easy and convenient

28 September 2022

The ability to relocate has long made humanity mobile and therefore more and more efficient. Huge liners can accommodate a large number of people and bring them to a point on the other side of the globe in a certain time. Tourism has long entered our lives as an integral part of emotions, impressions, mental colors and an incentive to move on.

But traveling is not everything. Company executives and business owners are often forced to solve many issues simultaneously and try to move even faster. Business aviation comes to the rescue.

This is very convenient: a small plane with the maximum level of comfort is able to bring the head of the company or the entire top management in the right place. This option saves time, resources and, oddly enough, money.

ARAVANA Multifamily Office specialists, together with partners, are ready to undertake the organization of business flights, small family trips and personal movements. Here is a short list of aircrafts that may be available for booking:

  • LearJet 60XR;
  • Citation XLS+;
  • Challenger 300 and Challenger 650;
  • Gulfstream 450 and 650;
  • Falcon 8X and many others.

These planes can accommodate from 7 to 14 passengers. Comfort in this case is a key element of the flight.

We are ready to develop individual flight conditions for the criteria and requirements of customers.

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    28 September 2022
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