Portfolio Management

ARAVANA assists clients in opening an investment account with foreign partner banks and brokers for the purposes of asset trust management.

Asset Management

The expertise and professional knowledge of managers and analysts (more than 15 years of experience) help to choose the most suitable investment strategy that meets the requirements
of the client, the market situation and trends.

Trust management of wealth implies a deep professional assessment not only of the assets themselves, but also of the financial market, the economic situation, the political situation and other important factors. The analytical department of the company monitors the market situation around the clock and provides managers with the necessary information.

ARAVANA Capital management

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Our operating principles

  • We invest in reliable and liquid instruments all over the world
  • We observe strict risk management and control over the investment portfolio 24/7. The condition of all the investor’s assets and the market situation are monitored around the clock for a lightning reaction to changes and risk leveling.
  • We don’t just solve individual tasks, we develop a strategy to achieve your goals
  • We find solutions that pleasantly surprise and allow us to achieve maximum results
  • We build a clear structure of commissions, protect your rights and
    are guided only by your interests
  • We protect your interests and take care of the confidentiality
    of your data
ARAVANA Capital management

Clients stay with us for a long time, on average more than 5 years. 45% of our clients come by recommendation.
14,000 financial instruments

Advantages of working through ARAVANA Multifamily Office
with a foreign partner bank:

  • Remote opening of an investment account to a client
  • Control over assets and the ability to interact with Russian-speaking managers at any time
  • Transparent management platform
  • Low bank fees for clients when performing transactions with securities
  • A wide range of investment instruments
  • The client’s securities are stored in his personal depository account with a foreign bank
  • Getting access to a high-tech banking platform and financial products of a Swiss bank
  • Pawnshop lending secured by a portfolio of securities securities
    to increase the amount of investment.
ARAVANA Capital management

This Is How We Work
With Our Clients:

We define specific financial goals
Creating a step-by-step plan to achieve them
We approach each client individually
We attract highly specialized specialists to work out specific solutions

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