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23 November 2022
Macro overview of the current week

“Tesla-bubble”: something curious is coming The financial market is actively discussing the “Tesla-bubble” – whether the company is overbought and …

16 November 2022
Macro overview of the current week

Records? It is about Apple Apple’s market capitalization soared to $2.34 trillion last week – a record for companies registered …

12 June 2019
A Hotel in a Palazzo, Limited-Edition Artists’ Prints and More

Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, has long drawn visitors to its glittering b...

12 June 2019
Claude Monet haystack painting fetches $110.7M at NY auction

One of Claude Monet’s iconic paintings of haystacks has fetched a record $110...

6 June 2019
The real reason why the Chinese «Terracotta Army» weapons are so well-preserved

Ever since archaeologists excavated the first figures of the famous Terracott...

5 June 2019
How Ferdinand Porsche’s Great-Grandson Is Gearing Up to Disrupt The Sports Car Market

In 1948, Ferdinand Porsche—the famed Austrian automotive engineer and designe...

28 May 2019
Cruise line Royal Caribbean rivals Broadway, West End with 134 shows and 50 theaters

In a nondescript building in North Miami, two dozen dancers in bouncing yello...

24 May 2019
EU Agrees Powers to Sanction, Freeze Assets Over Cyber-Attacks

The European Union on Friday agreed to new rules that will grant it authority...

24 May 2019
Touch the sky: Doug Aitken’s hot air balloon work to lift off in Massachusetts

A chrome-coloured hot air balloon devised by the American multimedia artist D...