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Yield 10-28% per annum – investments in renovation in Moscow and abroad.

Yield 10-28% per annum – investments in renovation in Moscow and abroad.

9 June 2021

Savills experts present three opportunities for high-yield investments in Moscow and abroad – in the UK and the USA with a minimum entry threshold of 10 million rubles.

Such projects help to create a diversified investment portfolio and do not require active participation of the investor in operating activities.

Investment fund for renovation projects in Moscow

Strategy: creation of a closed-end investment fund under the management of an experienced management company, the fund’s funds are invested in projects for the redevelopment of residential real estate and apartments in the central districts of Moscow

The minimum investment is 25 million rubles.

Target investor profitability – 25% per annum in rubles

Fund term – 5 years, profit distribution from 3 to 5 years

Investment in a development project in Cambridge

Strategy: A local developer specializing in Cambridge acquires a site with unused warehouse space, obtains an expansion permit, redevelopes an office building, and sells the completed property with a tenant. At the same time, offices in Cambridge remained extremely popular even in 2020 – now on the market several large tenants of the Microsoft level are looking for free office space.

• Minimum investment – £ 100,000

• Target investor profitability – 14-28% per annum in pounds

• Term of withdrawal from the project – 18-36 months

Investments in renovation projects in the USA

Strategy: A local partner purchases houses, removes them and sells them on a turnkey basis in the Central States, where there is a high demand for modern real estate for the middle class, which provides liquidity for renovated houses – as a rule, the exposure time on the market is only 1-2 weeks.

• The minimum investment is $ 200,000

• Target profitability of the investor – 10% per annum in dollars

• Term of withdrawal from the project – 6-12 months

9 June 2021
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