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Where is it possible to fly from Russia now?

Where is it possible to fly from Russia now?

16 March 2022

Countries with simplified entry conditions for citizens of the Russian Federation, accessible to tourists and where you can fly from Russia now:

CIS countries 

  • Armenia (180 days visa-free) 
  • Belarus (90 days visa-free, entry is allowed with a Russian passport) 
  • Kazakhstan (90 days visa-free, entry is allowed with a Russian passport) 
  • Kyrgyzstan (90 days visa-free, entry is allowed with a Russian passport)
  • Tajikistan (90 days visa-free) 
  • Uzbekistan (60 days visa-free) 


  • Macedonia (up to 90 days visa-free within a six-month period) 
  • Serbia (30 days visa-free) 
  • Montenegro (90 days visa-free) 


  • Azerbaijan (90 days visa-free) 
  • Vietnam (15 days visa-free, at least 30 days must pass from the previous entry into the country) 
  • Georgia (360 days visa-free) 
  • Israel (90 days visa-free) 
  • Indonesia (30 days visa-free, when entering through the following ports/airports: Ngurah Rai, Soekarno-Hatta, Juanda, Kuala Namu, Hang Nadim, Pelabuhan Laut Sekupang, Pelabuhan Laut Sri Bintan, Pelabuhan Laut Batam Center and Pelabuhan Laut Tanjung Uban) 
  • Maldives (30 days visa-free) 
  • Thailand (30 days visa-free) 
  • Turkey (60 days visa-free) 
  • South Korea (60 days visa-free) 

South America: 

  • Argentina (90 days visa-free) 
  • Brazil (90 days visa-free) 
  • Venezuela (90 days visa-free within a six-month period) 
  • Turks and Caicos Islands (90 days visa-free) 


  • Mauritius (up to 60 days visa-free for each entry, but no more than 90 days within a six-month period)
  • Morocco (3 months visa-free) 
  • Seychelles (30 days visa-free) 
  • Tunisia (up to 3 months visa-free) 


  • Fiji (4 months visa-free)

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