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US Investor Visa: EB-5 Immigration Trends

US Investor Visa: EB-5 Immigration Trends

7 September 2020

The EB-5 program is an opportunity to obtain a US Green Card and further citizenship for investors and their families. Investment level – from $ 900,000. The program is suitable for those who are considering moving to the United States for themselves or for their children. The waiting time from the moment of investing to moving to the United States is on average about two years.

If we talk about the trends of the current year, then, of course, it should be noted a sharp decrease in the number of applications submitted for the program worldwide. The reasons were both an increase in the amount for investment in November 2019 and the pandemic. However, due to the large number of applications filed ahead of the investment boost last year, there was a waiting list of 17,000 I-526 petitions. This fact demonstrates that demand significantly exceeds supply, since the US government has set a limit on the issuance of EB-5 visas – 10 thousand per year.

Despite the incomplete functioning of the migration services, this practically did not affect the processes under the EB-5 program. Applications have been accepted throughout the year and are being accepted now. Moreover, the speed of consideration of applications has become higher: the average time for consideration of the I-526 petition is 13.7 months, last year they were 19.8 months, the year before last – 22 months.

Thus, only those who received petition approval this year and must go through a consulate interview to obtain a visa faced a slight delay. The process was suspended due to non-working structures during the pandemic.

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