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Turkey. News of the week

Turkey. News of the week

1 June 2022

Moody’s is optimistic about Turkey’s economic growth

Catherine Mulbroner, Vice President of Risk Group at Moody’s, assessed Turkey’s economic prospects in an interview with Anadolu:

“The Turkish economy has always been stable, it is large-scale and diversified.

We expect Turkey’s GDP to grow by about 3% by the end of the year or even more.

If there is no jump in December similar to last year’s one, inflation will drop significantly from 70 to 55 percent.”

Almost 9 million tourists visited Turkey in January-April 2022

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, the flow of tourists increased by 173% compared to the same period in 2021. 

The TOP 5 countries, which account for the largest number of tourists, included Germany, Bulgaria. Iran, Russia and the UK.

By the end of the year, Turkey plans to receive 42 million tourists.

Turkish Airlines flies to the largest number of destinations among all airlines in the world

Against the background of coronavirus restrictions and force majeure events, the Turkish flagship flies to 274 destinations in 270 cities in 117 countries, active flights to 91 countries.

The company has made steady improvements, turning the crisis into an opportunity. In the first quarter of 2022, the company achieved the highest profitability in history (compared to the same periods of previous years) and made a net profit of $161 million.

The number of beaches marked with the “Blue Flag” in Turkey has reached 531

“Blue Flag” — an international certification awarded annually since 1987 to beaches and marinas that meet high quality standards and are suitable for safe swimming.

In May 2022, Turkey gives place only to Spain and Greece in the number of beaches with a blue flag.

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1 June 2022
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