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Special offer in Portugal

Special offer in Portugal

3 March 2021
  • Apartments under hotel management in the resort of Lagos, Algarve – the third stage of construction (1st and 2nd stages are already completely sold out)
  • International hotel operator
  • 279 tourist apartments
  • Fixed yield 7% per annum
  • Buyback option
  • Registration of a residence permit under the program 350,000 euros

Upon request, we will send apartments available (minimum package amount of 2 apartments € 408,000).

Exclusion of Lisbon, Porto and Algarve from the program already from January 1, 2022!

The main advantages of the investment residence permit program in Portugal:

  • The right to an unlimited stay in Portugal. The investor and all his family members can live in Portugal all year round.
  • Freedom of movement in the Schengen countries. The investor and all members of his family can enter the Schengen countries without visas.
  • Minimum requirements for residence in the country. To maintain and extend the residence permit, both the investor and all members of his family must reside in Portugal for two weeks for two years
  • The right to work and conduct business. Both the investor and all adult members of his family have the right to work in Portugal, including the right to conduct business, without any restrictions.
  • Obtaining a residence permit immediately for the whole family. Together with the investor, his / her spouse, minor children, adult children and parents who are dependent on the investor receive a residence permit.
  • Obtaining permanent residence after 5 years, subject to the minimum residence requirements
  • The first step to obtaining citizenship. After 5 years of residence and meeting the necessary criteria, both the investor and his family members are eligible for permanent residence or Portuguese citizenship (an exam in Portuguese is required).
  • In 2019, the first applications for Portuguese citizenship were approved for investors who do not reside permanently in the country: 35-day-stay-requirement /
  • Access to medicine and education at the European level. Both the investor and his family members, along with the residence, gain access to the local education and medicine system.

What should be done in order to obtain a residence permit in Portugal under the Golden Visa program?

  • Contact a representative of our company;
  • Choose an object for investment;
  • Sign an agreement to support obtaining a residence permit;
  • Make an advance payment under the agreement;

Implement investment option:

  • Buy real estate in Portugal in the amount of 500,000 euros (in some cases from 350,000 euros)
  • Provide the necessary documents drawn up in the appropriate form;
  • Apply for a residence permit (through our office);
  • Go through the approval procedure;
  • Visit Portugal to submit biometric data;
  • Get a Portugal resident card.

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