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Second citizenship: easier than it seems

Second citizenship: easier than it seems

17 August 2022

In 2014, when Russia adopted a law on mandatory notification of the authorities about second citizenship, about 900 thousand Russians with two passports were registered. The lion’s share of second citizenship was issued by the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom. On average, by 2016, about 6 million Russians with two passports were known. There is no more recent data in the public domain, but it can be assumed that their number has at least doubled.

It is worth separating the concepts of dual citizenship and second citizenship. In the first case, this is possible only if Russia has concluded a corresponding agreement with another state. It exists only between the Russian Federation and Tajikistan. It turns out that in the absolute majority of cases we are talking about second citizenship. Then in Russia such a holder of two passports is a Russian, in Israel – an Israeli, in the USA – an American.

There are several options for obtaining citizenship of another country. In addition to the fact of birth on its territory, this is kinship with a citizen of the state, marriage or investment. The first two parameters are difficult to adjust on their own, the third is more of a debatable issue, but in the fourth case there is a huge field for activity.

The specialists of ARAVANA Multifamily Office are ready to take on all the nuances of the selection of citizenship or residence permit programs, taking into account all the wishes of the client. More than five years of experience in this area and a large number of successful cases speak for themselves.

We offer the following services:

  • assistance in identifying and selecting a specific country and jurisdiction;
  • support in obtaining an alternative residence permit, including in the aspect of acquiring real estate;
  • registration of the entire package of documents for applying for citizenship or residence permit;
  • comprehensive consultations and support throughout the entire period of paperwork.

Perhaps entrusting professionals with the solution of such an important issue is exactly the key to success.

For a detailed consultation, send your details in the form below, we will contact you soon.

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