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Renting an airplane and a yacht: easier than it seems

Renting an airplane and a yacht: easier than it seems

22 June 2022

The modern world loves speed and values time. Modern capabilities allow us to implement the former and take into account the latter, while preserving the beauty of the moment.

Complementing your vacation with a comfortable pastime, and business with a quick and easy transfer is easier than it seems. An increasing number of business people are using the opportunity to rent a yacht or a private plane to save time and improve the quality of time spent on the road. Owning a yacht or an airplane is financially costly, troublesome and difficult. It is much easier to use rental services – and get the whole range of pleasant emotions.

Advantages of renting a private jet

  • Firstly, there are no maintenance of the board costs and its personnel. 
  • Secondly, time savings and an individually built route with a comfortable departure and arrival time. 
  • Thirdly, you can rent a plane both in advance and urgently, the management and crew are ready to adapt to the requirements. In some cases, this solves a lot of issues.

In recent years, business aviation has become very popular. VIP charter can be rented in full, or by seats. With any choice, the combination of comfort and speed will remain relevant.

Advantages of renting a personal yacht

  • Renting a yacht removes some of the problems in the form of maintenance costs, but leaves all the advantages of a beautiful holiday.
  • A huge variety of models
  • Different pricing policy
  • Maintaining comfort and a high level of service quality
  • Different rental terms

ARAVANA Multifamily Office organizes private flights on routes of any complexity and for any purpose using small and medium-sized business jets, and are also ready to offer our clients professional assistance in organizing yacht rentals of various categories. We have extensive experience in developing routes and programs for air and sea travel to the most picturesque corners of the world.

22 June 2022
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