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Relocation to the UAE: what you need to know

Relocation to the UAE: what you need to know

16 June 2022

Moving to more comfortable countries for living is an urgent topic of recent years. The world is getting faster, the requirements for conditions, service, and opportunities are growing. Against this background, the UAE stands out favorably among the rest. 

The state comprehensively supports business and innovation, the population is tolerant of immigrants, the time difference from Moscow is only one hour.

What do you need to know for effective and easy relocation to the UAE?

– tax regime. Perhaps this is one of the most comfortable tax frameworks in the world: zero taxes on dividends, profits, and repatriation of capital. Only 5% VAT, provided that the company’s activities are conducted in the UAE;

– no restrictions and limits: the country is neutral towards Russia and its citizens, there is a stable air service between the countries, a visa is issued upon entry into the UAE, it is free and valid for 90 days;

– you can open an account in the UAE bank by presenting documents: a passport with a valid resident visa and an account statement from the bank whose services were used earlier. In some cases, the bank may ask you to deposit an amount of about $ 1,500 to the account.

A resident visa is a kind of residence permit format. It can be obtained for a period of 6 months to 10 years. You can get a resident visa by opening your own business in the UAE or by purchasing real estate. ARAVANA Multifamily Office provides comprehensive support in obtaining a second citizenship, buying real estate and relocation.

The average price of real estate in the UAE is from $205 thousand. When buying a house, you can count on obtaining a resident visa and repeatedly renew it for yourself and your family members. It will be cheaper to open a business – the average threshold value here is at the level of $ 20 thousand.

A resident visa opens many doors in the UAE. For more information, please consult the ARAVANA Multifamily Office.

16 June 2022
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