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Permanent residence in Canada for investors and entrepreneurs

Permanent residence in Canada for investors and entrepreneurs

23 March 2022

Canada is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, which traditionally occupies a leading position in the quality of life ratings.

A permanent residence program in Canada is available to investors and entrepreneurs. The program includes three main areas:

  • Investing in existing startups
  • Relocation of business to Canada
  • Startup Development in Canada

We are pleased to present you a product from our partner: the permanent residence program of Canada with the further possibility of obtaining citizenship.

Requirements for applicants

The program assumes that the main applicant has:

  • IELTS English Language Proficiency Certificate 5.0+ points
  • Certificate of no criminal record from each country where the applicant has lived for more than 6 months
  • Confirmation of the availability of funds in the bank account for the move

There are important differences that need to be taken into account when choosing the optimal direction for yourself.

Investing in startups

Start living in Canada by investing in ready-to-launch startups!

Our partners will offer you a wide selection of startups in various fields (IT, medicine, manufacturing, education).

Minimum investment amount: $200,000 per applicant’s family (spouse, children under 21 inclusive).

Relocation of business to Canada

The program makes it possible to relocate a business to a reliable jurisdiction.

Business Requirements:

  • Availability of a business plan with a detailed description of the product and an expansion strategy in the North American region
  • Availability of an innovative idea

Relocation costs: $200,000 per applicant’s family (spouse, children under 21 inclusive)

You can add business partners and their family members to the application at extra charge.

Startup Development in Canada

Continue working on your idea with the attraction of financing from private investors!

Business Requirements:

  • Availability of a detailed business plan
  • Information about the availability of pre-orders or crowdfunding attempts, as well as data on the stage of product development
  • The composition of the team that works on the project
  • Information about the availability of patents or registered trademarks

Cost: 10-15% of the company’s shares in Canada

The program includes an option to search for private investors.

The list of ARAVANA Multifamily Office services includes:

  • Finalizing the business plan
  • Receiving a “Letter of Support” from an accredited business incubator
  • Opening a company in Canada and preparing an agreement between shareholders
  • Payment of all necessary state duties
  • Payment for the services of a business incubator related to checking a startup and providing advice on doing business in Canada for 16 months.

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