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Offers of current programs of obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence or second citizenship through investment

Offers of current programs of obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence or second citizenship through investment

8 December 2020

In connection with the Cypriot citizenship by investment program closure, the new conditions of the Malta citizenship program and the programs of the Caribbean countries, I am sending a selection of current programs for obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence or second citizenship by investment from Russia Sotheby’s International Realty (including without a trip) to depending on the goals of the client.

Second passport. Caribbean passport with visa-free travel to more than 100 countries of the world (including Schengen countries, Great Britain), opening accounts in European banks (download all Caribbean programs)

  • Grenada Citizenship by Investment: from $ 150.000
  • Citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis by investment: from $ 150.000
  • Dominica citizenship by investment: from $ 100,000
  • Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment: from $ 100,000
  • Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment: from $ 100,000
  • Vanuatu citizenship by investment: from $ 130.000 (download)

Second passport. European Union passport. Living and employed in the 28 countries of the European Union. Top Schools and Universities for Children, Access to European Health Care

  • Cyprus Citizenship by Investment: Program Closed
  • Malta citizenship by investment: from € 700.000 (download)
  • Bulgarian citizenship by investment: 1 million euros (download)

Second passport. Passport of Montenegro, a candidate country for the European Union. Visa-free travel to more than 125 countries of the world (including the Schengen countries), access to the US E2 visa, the possibility of obtaining EU citizenship after 2025.

  • Montenegrin citizenship by investment: from € 350.000 (download)

Second passport. Turkish passport. Visa-free travel to more than 100 countries of the world, access to the USA E2 visa

  • Turkish citizenship by investment by investment: from $ 250,000 for a family of 4 (download)

Residency. Countries of the European Union. Visa-free entry to the Schengen countries, the possibility of permanent residence in the country where the Golden visa is issued

  • Golden visa (residence permit) of Spain for investments: from € 500.000 (download)
  • Golden visa (residence permit) of Portugal for investments with the possibility of obtaining permanent residence without permanent residence: from € 280,000 (download)
  • Golden visa (residence permit) of Greece for investment: from € 250.000 (download)
  • Golden visa (residence permit) in Latvia for investments: from € 250.000 (download)

Second passport, residency. United States of America. Moving and living, studying, working in the USA.

  • EB-5 program – the possibility of obtaining US citizenship in 5 years: from $ 900,000 (download)
  • E-2 program – the opportunity to live, work for hire and study for the investor’s wife and children: from $ 100,000 (download)

You can find summarized information on all programs here (download).

Our partner Russia Sotheby`s International Realty is the Russian representative office of the world’s largest network of real estate agencies created by the auction house Sotheby`s, which has a history of 275 years of experience in serving for exceptional clients.

Today Sotheby’s International Realty network includes 1,000 offices in 72 countries. The Russian office specializes in the following areas: conducting transactions with foreign real estate for life and investment, transactions with residential and commercial real estate in Moscow and St. Petersburg, obtaining citizenship for investment in real estate in the EU, the USA and the Caribbean.

The advantages of the Moscow office of Sotheby`s International Realty are the applying the cutting-edge sales technologies and international standards of work, access to an extensive database of exceptional properties around the world, as well as a wide range of additional services and local financial and legal expertise in different jurisdictions of the world necessary for supporting real estate transactions and immigration programs.

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