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Mersin: convenience of life

Mersin: convenience of life

18 October 2023

Mersin, in the last 18 months, has demonstrated a tremendous increase both in terms of the volume of housing sold (especially to foreigners) and in terms of the growth in the cost of residential real estate. Both in April and May 2023, Mersin was among the Top 3 Turkish provinces where citizens of other states purchased the most apartments and houses.

So, why should you consider Mersin for permanent residence?

Firstly, it is a very promising province, partly due to the construction and scheduled launch of the Akkuyu NPP, the first nuclear power plant in the country. The date of commissioning of the first power unit has already been set.

Secondly, Mersin is located in a very calm zone from the point of view of seismic activity – one of the safest in all of Turkey. In light of recent events, this is its huge advantage.

And thirdly – the sea, the sun and everything else that is due to the resort. So it’s not surprising that prices are rising by leaps and bounds here.

What has changed in Mersin in recent months?


Everything is clear about electricity: as soon as the Akkuyu NPP is launched, any questions about this will be removed. There are rumors that due to the start of the nuclear power plant, electricity in Turkey as a whole will become cheaper, but this is not yet specified.

In May 2023, the foundation of the natural gas distribution complex for the Anamur and Gulnar districts was successfully laid. The Mayor of Gulnar explained that residents will start using local natural gas in November.

Also recently, the public utilities service of another district of Mersin – Erdemli – announced the beginning of repair work, the purpose of which is to replace old water pipes with new ones. About 6000 meters of pipes are subject to replacement; but it’s worth it. After all, the updated water supply system will provide local residents with better drinking water, and farmers with extensive irrigation opportunities.

Social infrastructure

A lot of objects “for life” are being built in Mersin, but one of the most high–profile projects of recent months is the Çamlıyayla market together with a multi-storey parking lot, which was recently opened. This is one of the brainchild of the local mayor and a clear result of the work carried out by the municipality of Mersin.

So not only is there now a spacious and convenient Sunday market in Çamlıyayla, where farmers, according to Turkish tradition, will sell the freshest and most delicious products (vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.) of their own production, in addition, the transport problem in the center of the district, especially in summer and on weekends, will be solved.

Recreation and leisure

Entertainment and cultural events in Mersin now take place all year round, but there are especially many of them in summer, and specialized ones: gatherings, festivals, concerts and amateur competitions are waiting for adults, sports schools and so on for children.

And finally, we will tell you about the beaches of Mersin – after all, this is what many potential home buyers are interested in, deciding for themselves whether to take an apartment in Mersin or another province.

  • Kizkalesi Beach is a famous and “instagrammed” beach: here you can both enjoy your vacation and take pictures with might and main (or make videos for YouTube) against the backdrop of the fortress of Kizkalesi. This is one of the symbols of Mersin.
  • Beautiful sandy beaches – ALTIN ORFOZ (has a Blue Flag award), Limonlu, Kapyzli, Yeshilovadzhik, Kum Mahallesi, Susanoglu, Incekum; by the way, the national park of the same name is located next to Incekum, on the territory of which there is a camping.
  • Mavikent, Akchakil (popular among owners of “caravans”, motorhomes and campers), Anamur (there are both pebbles and sand) are pebble beaches.
  • Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will appreciate Yenikash Yarymadasy, Buyukedzheli. And also Anamur – there is the territory of the ancient city of Anamurim under the water and divers can look at the historical ruins.

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