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May 2021: Overseas property with examples of profitability calculation

May 2021: Overseas property with examples of profitability calculation

5 May 2021

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with current projects of profitable foreign real estate, with examples of calculating the profitability of current projects under the following assumptions:

· Overseas property is purchased by an individual;

· The investor has no other income in the country of purchase of real estate;

· Tax on income on the territory of the Russian Federation is not taken into account.

Great Britain

Student apartments in Sheffield: from 64 thousand GBP, 8% yield

Student apartments in Stoke-on-Trent: from 69 thousand GBP, 9% yield

New building in Liverpool: from 92 thousand GBP, 7% yield

Residential apartments in Manchester: from 130 thousand GBP, 5.5% yield

Lodges in the UK: from 124 thousand GBP, 8% yield

Furnished apartments for short-term rent: from 192 thousand GBP, from 10 to 14% yield


Apartments in one of the most popular areas of Dubai: from $ 250 thousand, 10% yield

Apartments in Palm Jumeirah: from $ 700 thousand, from 8 to 10% yield

French Riviera in Dubai: from $ 270 thousand, 10% yield


Apartments in a golf resort under hotel management in Albufeira: from € 325,000, 5% yield

Apartments under hotel management in Lagos: from € 189 thousand, 7% yield

Apartments in a golf resort under hotel management: from € 531 thousand, 3.5% yield

Apartments in a modern complex in Porto: from € 214 thousand, 4% yield


Completed five-star complex: € 125 thousand, 10% yield

New construction Alanya Hills: € 30 thousand, from 20% yield


Apartments in a new residential complex Vienna, 16th district: from $ 200 thousand, 3.5% yield

Construction hypermarket OBI: from € 6 million, 5.75% yield


Apartments in a new building Charlottenburg, Berlin: € 220 thousand, 3.9% yield

Apartments with a lease agreement for 15 years in a new building in Munich: € 260 thousand, 3.2% yield

New supermarket in the suburbs of Berlin: from € 4.9 million, 4.95% yield


Finished project managed by the Best Western chain, Phuket: from $ 107 thousand, 10% yield

New 5 * complex with professional hotel management, Phuket: from $ 104 thousand, 7% yield


Luxury villa in the Secana complex: from $ 490 thousand, 12% yield

Exclusive one-bedroom villa: from $ 290 thousand, 6-12% yield

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5 May 2021
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