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Investing in art: events this year

Investing in art: events this year

22 June 2022

Investing in art, collectible wine, luxury and interior items is one of the ways to buy yourself unforgettable emotions and impressions. In addition, in some cases, paintings and objects created by reputable authors only become more expensive over time. It seems to be a great alternative to the usual financial instruments.

This year, there will be enough events where you can take an interest in contemporary art, participate in auctions and buy yourself a piece of world heritage.

For example, the international exhibition of handmade ceramics and porcelain Toepfermarkt Leer 2022, which takes place on July 2-3 in Germany.

At the end of July, War and Peace Revival, a military and vintage festival will be held in the UK.

Antiques exhibitions can be visited in July in Belgium – this is Ciney Puces et Antiques Summer, and in September in the UK, The Chelsea Antiques Fair Autumn.

The exhibition of rare books Firsts 2022 is scheduled for September 15-18 in London.

In October, the international exhibition of contemporary art ART3F Marseille 2022 will be held in Marseille, France.

In December in Spain, it is worth visiting the specialized fair of works of art and antiques Almoneda Navidad 2022.

Among the status auctions, we mention, of course, the houses of Sotheby’s and Christie’s. In the first case, we are talking about the largest auction house in Europe. Now its headquarters are in New York, but auctions are held both there and in London. Sotheby’s is known for its price records, which only raises the prestige level of its events. Christie’s is the most famous antiques auction with headquarters in London.

Auction houses are long-time rivals, their history goes back decades. About 90% of the world art market is under their control, so it’s worth looking for a rare painting, interior item or detail right here.

It is not so difficult to find and buy an art object. It is more difficult to evaluate it correctly, to ensure the conditions of transportation, storage and protection. ARAVANA Multifamily Office experts are ready to offer you their services in this direction. 

22 June 2022
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