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Interesting events of the art market and the world of collecting

Interesting events of the art market and the world of collecting

24 October 2020

The mega-gallery Perrotin in Paris has launched an exciting interactive experience. Project “Wanted!” will take place at the Grand Palais in Paris and will take place over two days from 24 to 25 October. Perrotin Gallery includes such stars as Takashi Murakami, JR, Emily Mae Smith, Daniel Arshama and Bharti Kher. The artists hid their works of art in the vast space of the palace hall under glass arches.

Visitors have the opportunity to register for free on the site to come to the site and try to find the work of the masters. Viewers take all finds for themselves also completely free of charge. The head of the gallery noted that he considers this project a perfect gamble, but such actions are consonant with this strange and unstable situation in the world. According to the rules for attending mass events during a pandemic, the hall will be only 20% full. That is, about 500 people will be able to take part in the project, who really have to work hard – the artists carefully hid their works. The idea arose as a response to the cancellation of the most important art fair FIAC.

The Guernsey Auction House in New York will display 48 bronze sculptures and dozens of other items from Michael Jackson’s own collection. All items will be presented at public auction for the first time. The catalog includes a gift to the King of Pop from Elizabeth Taylor and many of the Peter Pan-themed art that adorned Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Among the top lots is also the first record contract for the Jackson 5 group (estimate 50 – 100 thousand). The auction takes place online, bids are accepted until October 23.

Auctions October 21 – 25

Old masters:

Bonhams October 21

Impressionists and modernists:

Sotheby’s October 21

Christie’s October 22 (sculpture), October 22, October 23

Bonhams October 22

Osenat October 25

Post-war and contemporary art:

Christie’s October 22 (Italian art), October 22, October 23

Rago October 21

Sotheby’s October 21, October 22

Bonhams October 22

Finarte October 22

Bertolami October 22

Dreweatts October 22

Collection wine:

Brightwells October 22

Ivoire – Primardeco October 23

Actéon October 24

Bruun Rasmussen October 25

Classic interior items, arts and crafts, furniture:

Bonhams October 22 (wood furniture)

Freemans October 21

Woolley & Wallis October 21

Christie’s October 22

20th century design:

Christie’s October 22 (Italian art)

Wright October 22

Lyon & Turnbull October 23

Car emblems:

RM Sotheby’s October 21


Doyle October 21

Bruun Rasmussen October 21

Lyon & Turnbull October 21

Skinner October 21

Sotheby’s October 22 (Paris), October 22 (New York)

Bonhams October 22

Hindman October 22

Printed art and works on paper:

Christie’s October 21, October 22

Doyle October 22

Sotheby’s October 22, October 23

Asian art:

Bonhams October 23

Auction Art Rémy Le Fur & Associés October 23

Rare carpets:

Dorotheum October 21

Rey & Guinot October 24

Graphics and collages by Henri Matisse:

Christie’s October 22

Lithographs by Francis Goya:

Christie’s October 22

Images of Ludwig Beethoven in sculptures by Antoine Bourdelle:

Freemans October 21

Military and imperial memorabilia, faleristics:

Hermann Historica October 22, October 23

Two masterpieces by Van Gogh from the Amstredam Museum:

October 22

Art from Michael Jackson’s personal collection:

Guernsey’s October 23

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