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How the sea element is transformed into an engineering creation

How the sea element is transformed into an engineering creation

18 June 2020

Interview with the General Director of Ulysse Nardin LLC Maxim Andrianov.

As part of the Lifestyle theme, Aravana Capital Management experts conducted an interview with the CEO of Ulysse Nardin LLC Maxim Andrianov. During the discussion, Maxim spoke about the revolutionary developments of the company, about plans for the development of international expansion, and also noted some of the most successful watch models from the Ulysse Nardin collection.

What makes Ulysse Nardin differ from a number of other premium watch brands?

We have an interesting history, our company historically specialized in the production of marine chronometers. Fleets of more than 50 fleets were equipped with our chronometers. It is very important to note that we are a very high- tech company, we were the first who start using such innovative material as silicon. This is a very reliable material, the

use of which significantly increases the reliability of the mechanism and increases the period of its use without maintenance. In addition, we have unique developments that we already use in our mechanisms and, not only in complex watches, but also in models of regular collections. We have an Innovision project in which we present 10 inventions

at once, then we implement their mechanisms in new watch models, Innovision 2 is already being implemented and we know that work on new inventions is underway. I believe that not many companies can introduce 10 revolutionary technologies at the same time.

Which collaboration in your opinion was the most productive for the brand? Describe it please.

All our collaborations are successful. Talking about people – we have the whole team of “Ulysses”, all successful, bold, dedicated men, we have many interesting projects. Researchers, athletes and artists choosing Ulysse Nardin. This new galaxy of people embodies not only the desire of the watch House to encourage independent travelers, but also the invitation to find Ulysses inside yourself and go to its own odyssey.

Ulysse Nardin became the first producer of luxury watch who has introduced blockchain certification for its collection. Does the Company have an intention to move forward the development of digital innovation? How will this be manifested?

This is relevant nowadays, but we are a classic manufactory with experience in the production of mechanical watches for almost 170 years, this is our specialty and we will develop in this direction. All our developments lie in the plane of mechanics, complex mechanics.’

What other directions does Ulysse Nardin plan to develop?

In addition to the Innovision project, every year  our engineers present revolutionary ideas that we try to use in our watches. I can’t reveal all the cards, but we will have some more bright discoveries in the near future. Mechanics is an area that provides unlimited opportunities for talented people.

Due to a possible pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, the two largest watch salons in Switzerland, Watches & Wonders and Baselworld, were canceled. Has turbulence in the global financial market affected luxury watch sales? And how does Ulysse Nardin handle the situation?

All manufacturers, and not only of watches the whole world found themselves in the same situation, in equal conditions. Our priority is safety and health. Today it is the main goal. The security of our employees, customers, partners and all people, in our hands, only by joining forces, we can eliminate the danger of the spread of the epidemic.

Every new collection of Ulysse Nardin watches is a work of art! What models should Aravana CM customers pay attention to?

Thank you very much for the compliment. You are right, each new model is the result of the work of many people and more than one year of work. 

In our new collection there are options for the most demanding customers, every fan of our brand, and not only, will be able to find an interesting model that meets his taste. In fact, our models are not just new watches with a new design and, possibly, new interesting technical improvements, but an event in the watch industry. We will not rush, just remember some of them Freak, Ghenghis Khan, Astrolabium and many others … The story goes on…

18 June 2020
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