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Education abroad is always valued

Education abroad is always valued

3 August 2022

Quality education in the modern world is a pass to the elite world of effective and advanced companies, high salaries, rapid career growth and recognized social status. Education has always been valued: a person with a classical diploma could count on faster employment, and the fact of higher specialized education was highly valued in society.

Over time, the development of skills came to the fore. However, the value of education has not gone away: this is still extremely important.

According to open statistics, not so many Russians study at foreign universities. In the period from 2012 to 2016, the number of Russian-speaking students increased by 12% and amounted to almost 57 thousand people. This is less than 1% of the total volume of students studying in Russian educational institutions. By 2022, the indicator reached 1.5%, but it is still not that much. The reasons are different – from difficulties with choosing an educational institution to problems with payment.

ARAVANA Multifamily Office together with partners are ready to help you get the best international education. To do this, we have formed the following proposals:

  • we will help with the choice of educational institutions – from kindergartens to universities in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, China, Singapore, etc.,
  • we will work out training programs;
  • we will find a guardian or mentor;
  • we will support you in language training;
  • we provide visa support.

There is a special offer for ARAVANA clients: a unique free consultation with a tutor for 30 minutes.

Fill in your details in the form below and we will contact you for a prompt consultation.

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