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Economy-class housing is going to be equipped with a smart home system

Economy-class housing is going to be equipped with a smart home system

28 June 2023

Innovative solutions are emerging on the basis of real estate from the TOKI Department of Mass Housing Construction, which has made 5 million people homeowners in Turkey over the past 20 years. Even despite the fact that this is originally an economy-class housing.

For example, the Atış group of companies, known for its conceptual luxury projects, in recent months has implemented a project called “Smart Home”, adapted to the social housing model from TOKI, for maximum convenience at a minimum of square meters.

Previously, Turks preferred more spacious apartments, but now, taking into account the changing economic conditions, apartments 1 +1 and 2 +1 are of increasing interest.

Stating that the interest in compact housing on the market directly affects their activities, Ahmet Atysh, CEO of Atış Group of companies, said that he plans to develop this direction: after all, a family with one child can feel quite comfortable in a one-bedroom residence (just 1+1) in the current changing living conditions.

In Atış 1+1 projects, it is 45 sq.m., 2+1 – 65-70 sq.m., 3+1 – 90-95 sq.m. After the start of sales, more than 300 transactions took place in the first 20 days.

Such economy-class residential complexes are accompanied with various additional functions, from previously unfamiliar infrastructure like local cinemas to smart home services directly on the territory of residential and public premises. 

The sphere of residential real estate in Turkey is rapidly developing in all directions; in addition to the fact that new formats are emerging, for example, a block consisting of only bungalows in Istanbul. 

It has also recently become known that housing rental issues (conclusion of transactions, contracts, etc.) are being transferred to an electronic format, adding to the already existing E-devlet system.

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