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Dear ARAVANA Multifamily Office Client!

Dear ARAVANA Multifamily Office Client!

22 December 2021

Dear ARAVANA Multifamily Office Client!

On the eve of New Year and Christmas we wish to congratulate you on the coming holidays and to present a gift from our company:

free consultation with an ARAVANA Multifamily Office expert to resolve the following issues:

A residence permit and permanent residence abroad

Purchase and sale of real estate

Developing educational programs for children and adults

Providing treatment in the best clinics in the world

Travel arrangement of any complexity

Opening accounts with foreign partner banks

Tax and legal advice

You can pick up your individual gift before 31.12.2021.

Send your request to:

You can also leave a request in the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

22 December 2021
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