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Business restructuring: let the professionals speak

Business restructuring: let the professionals speak

17 August 2022

A business can be an easy project, or it can be a complex structure with many parallel and intersecting lines. At some point, the owner of a complex mechanism faces the problem of restructuring the enterprise in order to increase business efficiency. This is not only an administrative restructuring, but also a legally difficult process. 

The benefits of a multi-level business system are not always obvious, and the costs of maintaining it are enormous. The management of the system and the maintenance of such a mechanism are not just expensive – they require constant monitoring. A badly organized structure creates a lot of difficulties, and then restructuring can help.

The lawyers and specialists of ARAVANA Multifamily Office have extensive experience in various fields of law. Years of practice have allowed us to form an extensive database of legal solutions and cases, as well as gain experience in operational and effective assistance to the company’s clients both in Russia and abroad.

In addition to helping to restructure the company, we are ready to take on the following functionality:

  • personal property management;
  • consulting in aspects of taxes and law;
  • resolution of civil law disputes;
  • implementation of family and inheritance law, including the nuances of business inheritance and succession;
  • administration of financial issues, planning and purchase of real estate for personal use;
  • risk management within family and business assets;
  • reporting to tax systems and currency control issues;
  • etc.

Complex issues should be solved by specialists – in this case it is especially relevant.

For prompt and detailed consultation, leave your details in the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    17 August 2022
    Бизнес-авиация. Специальное предложение для клиентов ARAVANA Multifamily Office! 

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