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Actual events of the art market and the world of collecting

Actual events of the art market and the world of collecting

15 September 2020

Modern technologies in art

A team of scientists has begun work on creating a digital map of Venice that will preserve a “copy” of the sinking city. Every year the islands of the Italian city go under water more and more. According to scientists, the prospects for the disappearance of one of the most beautiful places on the planet in the near future are quite large. In this regard, the team of the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne and several private IT companies have developed a joint project for laser scanning both inside and outside all the historic buildings of the island of San Giorgio, which made it possible to create virtually avatars of monuments.

Investment in art

New York-based startup Masterworks, which allows investors to acquire small stakes in iconic works of art for about $ 20 per transaction, has faced a surge in demand during the pandemic. In this regard, the team acquired 15 new works worth $ 31.8 million, including masterpieces by Banksy, George Kondo and other contemporary art stars. And the recently published $ 1.52 million piece by graffiti artist and figurine maker KAWS sold out piece by piece in a matter of hours. Founded by a renowned collector in 2017, Masterworks has long been one of the leaders in alternative investments. The organization offers investment objects not only in the visual arts, but also in classic cars and even racehorses. Despite the associated risks, during the pandemic, art became the main area of ​​choice for investors.

Auctions September 14 – 20

Art of the Old Masters:

Millon September 18

Briscadieu September 19

Art of XX – XXI centuries:

Christie’s September 16 (personal collection of Marie Curie)

Tajan September 16

Bonhams September 16 (British and Irish art), September 16 (modern)

Millon September 16, September 18

Doyle September 17

FauveParis September 19

Mercier & Cie September 19

Russian art:

Osenat September 18

Classic home furnishings, porcelain, silver:

Christie’s September 15 – 16 , September 16, September 17 (+ 20th century design from a private collection)

Sworders September 16

Doyle September 16

Millon 17 September

Carlo Bonte September 18

Schuler Auktionen September 14 – 18 (including rare icons)

20th century design:

Hindman September 16, September 17

Carlo Bonte September 19


Doyle September 16

Sotheby’s September 17

Dorotheum September 18

Bertolami September 18

Circulation art:

Aste Bolaffi September 16 (promotional posters)

Heritage September 16

Sotheby’s September 17

Banksy Creativity Auction:

Sotheby’s September 18

Pablo Picasso:

Christie’s September 17 (ceramics), September 18 (prints, lithographs)

Classic cars:

Bonhams September 20

Aguttes September 20

 Wrist and pocket watches, men’s accessories, hunting trophies:

Sotheby’s September 16, September 17, September 18

Dorotheum September 17

Cortrie September 19

Collection wine:

Dreweatts September 17, September 18

Ivoire – Primardeco September 18

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