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Aravana Capital Management experts held a conference with the founder of Education Master Ksenia Pustylnik.

Aravana Capital Management experts held a conference with the founder of Education Master Ksenia Pustylnik.

6 October 2020

On October 6, Aravana Capital Management employees held a conference with Ksenia Pustylnik, founder of Education Master. During the event, experts discussed the specifics of admission to US universities.

From the report of Ksenia Pustylnik:

Half of the world’s top universities are located in the United States.

Getting a higher education in the United States not only requires a fairly large financial investment, but also preparation if the candidate wants to enter one of the top 30 universities. Applicants should take into account that, on average, from 4% to 8% of all candidates who submitted applications are received. At the same time, it is almost impossible to get a guarantee of admission through sponsorship to the university.

Many prospective students and their parents are interested in the issue of cost and return

investment in training. It is necessary to consider the following points related to


– Training;

– Passing tests, sending them;

– Working with tutors

– Payment for the work of consultants who help with the administrative part of the process;

– Consideration of applications by universities.

Also, it is necessary to take into account the cost of the entire learning process, which will include:

– Training;

– University administration fees;

– Accommodation and meals;

– Purchase of teaching aids;

– Medical insurance;

– Transport;

– Others.

The student’s nationality can also affect the chances of admission. Universities

strive for diversity and try to accept students from different countries and even

US states. There are not very many Russian students, so it can be considered


There is competition between universities for the best students. For example, if a student enters a technical degree, students usually apply to both Stanford and MIT.

For detailed information regarding the admission of a child to foreign universities, please contact your personal manager for advice.

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