Сlient party in the Japanese art Gallery “Kasugai»

Сlient party in the Japanese art Gallery “Kasugai»

6 June 2019

The theme of the event for Aravana Capital management customers was the theme of the Japanese sword and knife. The guests of the event got acquainted with the history of the first sword, learned what it used to be and what it is like now, what is called a classic pair, and what famous blades have survived to the present day. The experts of the gallery shared the mystery of the phenomenon of Japanese knives, the history of their origin, and also conducted a guided tour of modern knife collections.The creators of the gallery are actively developing a special direction in the private gallery business, forming a collection of Japanese artifacts of war and peace time, both antique and modern, created by the best Japanese masters — the heirs of legendary techniques. The items of the collection convey the relationship between generations of unique Japanese masters of knife and sword making.

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6 June 2019
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