5 July 2023
11.07.2023′ Ichak Kalderon Adizes “Building a healthy organization”

The ARAVANA Group of Companies, together with partners Adizes Institute Worldwide and Business Education Plus, invites you to a master …

9 February 2023
Save and earn in 2023. Event at the Moscow Capital Club

The issue of investing and preserving capital has been acute for several years. In February, the Moscow Capital Club hosted …

23 November 2022
Relocation to the UAE: a successful start in the Moscow Capital Club

We are pleased to announce that a bright and informative event on the topic of personal and business relocation to …

21 April 2020
The evening of Yakov Mirkin in the Mansion of the merchant Nosov for customers and partners of Aravana Capital Management.

On February 26, 2020, Aravana Capital Management organized an event for its c...

20 January 2020
On November 28, Aravana Capital Management held the first Aravana CUP2019 billiard tournament for clients

On November 28, the first billiard tournament took place in the Levitin billi...

16 October 2019
Aravana Capital Management joined the culture of the Viennese Ball

21 September, in the palace of culture “Ziemelblazma” in Riga wit...

9 August 2019
Proper partnership – not only business, but also pleasure

July 12, 2019 Aravana Capital Management executives took part in the First Ba...

9 July 2019
Friendly visit to the opening of a unique exhibition in the Hermitage

On May 16, the exhibition «Glyptics: Past and Present” opened in the Blue Bed...

9 July 2019

The guests visited the most ecologically clean place in the Tver region, whic...

6 June 2019
Master class for clients and partners in the Gallery of Author Porcelain at Imperial Porcelain Factory

Aravana Capital management offered the charming female representatives of the...

6 June 2019
Сlient party in the Japanese art Gallery “Kasugai»

The theme of the event for Aravana Capital management customers was the theme...

15 May 2019
Our partners and customers gathered in a friendly INDEVER studio to play “What? Where? When?”

The game was held under the guidance of the masterly event host, two-time Cry...