On November 28, Aravana Capital Management held the first Aravana CUP2019 billiard tournament for clients

On November 28, Aravana Capital Management held the first Aravana CUP2019 billiard tournament for clients

20 January 2020

On November 28, the first billiard tournament took place in the Levitin billiard club between a team of clients, partners of Aravana and a team of artists – permanent members of the Levitin club.

The team of artists included such eminent actors as Sergey Nikoneno, Alexander Mokhov, Andrei Gradov. Players as a result took all the prizes. Actor Sergei Ugryumov, as a result of the draw, got the fateful first number of the tournament winner.

The guests of the evening were united not only by the billiard theme, but also by the cult Soviet film «The Place of meeting can’t be changed», for which 2019 was a jubilee year. The film turned 40 years old. The famous scene of a game of billiards between the characters of Zhiglov and Kopcheny became the main tematic of the event and the tournament. 

During the evening, famous actors Sergey Nikonenko and Andrei Gradov shared their memories of filming in a serial film, of work and communication with Stanislav Sergeyevich Govorukhin. The host of the evening, two-time European champion in Russian billiards, Anastasia Lupova, also shared her memories of the joint billiard “battles” with the famous stage director, and held a brilliant master class for the female audience of the guests of the evening.

The co-founders of Aravana Capital Management, Uskov Sergey and Ivan Kladov, in the end of the speech, revealing to the guests information about investment opportunities in western funds, declared the tournament annual.

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20 January 2020
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