ARAVANA Holding: new company structure in the UAE

ARAVANA Holding: new company structure in the UAE

26 September 2022

Dear customers and partners!

The ARAVANA Group of Companies is dynamically developing and exploring new horizons in order to provide its customers with the most relevant and in-demand services.

For this purpose, on September 22, 2022, a new company structure was opened in the UAE — ARAVANA Holding.

The United Arab Emirates was chosen for the development and expansion of business not by chance. In 2020, the UAE took the 25th place in the ranking of the best countries for doing business, overtaking other Arab states. Local features of business culture differ from the usual ones in the Russian Federation, but such a challenge only strengthens business. Dubai’s reputation as an investment hub is only being confirmed this year, which opens up many potential doors for development and expansion.

High business competition, stable exchange rates, a confident political course and a reliable banking system – all these advantages will certainly be used to the maximum.

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26 September 2022
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