Hedge Fund: Increase of the Return on Investment up to 10% per annum
Hedge Fund: Increase of the Return on Investment up to 10% per annum

5 Reasons to Invest in Hedge Fund

For diversification purposes and decrease volatility

To improve risk / return
of portfolio

To increase
overall returns

As opportunistic investments

To decrease other
areas of portfolio

Fund Strategy

ARAVANA Capital Fund S.P. is a broad and diversified investment portfolio. Our aim is to generate net investment returns ahead of leading American indexes. Our approach to capital management within the overall strategy is to have detailed fundamental and technical market analysis in order to determine prevalent trends and market sentiment and understanding of investment outlook for a single strategy.
The overall strategy of the ARAVANA Fund is determined as Back Test Results Strategy, which is expected to apply various strategies simultaneously, not only trend ones but countertrend. The main purpose is to generate return in any market state, whether there is a high Directional Movement Index or not. 
Fund’s investment portfolio almost invariably constitutes a combination of open positions in securities and bonds. Inconsiderable share of the portfolio is presented by currency, indexes and goods. To ensure a decrease in hard-landing risk of portfolio and in order to make portfolio more resistant to economic shocks hedging is applied through options on securities and indexes. 
Our vision lies in active capital management, which implies fast position rotation, especially in case of market reduction in order to exclude undue risks of ending out of entry point of positions, which is the case for passive investment. 

Cayman Emerging Manager Platform SPC is a multi-strategy hedge fund. This means that the assets and liabilities of ARAVANA Capital Fund S.P. are segregated from those of the other Sub-Funds on the Platform so as to avoid any cross-collateral risk.

The SPC Administrator is Apex Fund Services Ltd, an internationally recognized fund service provider with a global network of offices and administers circa $500bn in assets.

The SPC Auditor is Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services.

Cayman Jurisdiction is in Top 3 amongst jurisdictions where hedge funds are established.

Regulator is Cayman Islands Monetary Company (CIMA). Reference Number 1602672

Back Test Results Strategy

Investment Tools Distribution of the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) with the capital more than $1m

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