Investment fund can be compared to a safe in which investors’ assets are stored: money, real estate, securities, shares in an LLC, etc.

Share of investment fund is a conditional part of property in this fund. This is a registered security that confirms that you own a certain share of a certain fund.

The property from the safe is managed by the management company. Its task is to earn money for shareholders on behalf of the investment fund. With proper management of investment funds, the price of shares in the long-term investment perspective grows. It is this growth that becomes the basis of your benefits.


It is a private equity fund that provides investors with an efficient tax structure with high flexibility in terms of organization,
investment policy, the types and geography of underlying assets in which the fund can invest.


1. Favorable tax treatment – the fund is only subject to an annual income tax of 0.01% of the net asset value, the redemption of the fund’s shares is tax-free.

2. Investors are not subject to capital gains tax.

3. The Fund is not subject to the CFC regime for Russian investors.

4. There is no control over the capital of foreign investors.

5. Place in the top 20 among 146 countries according to Basel’s 2017 Anti-Money Laundering Index.

6. The fund manager is required to submit annual reports on the net assets (NAV reporting) of the fund.

Terms of cooperation:

Entry threshold – from 100,000 c.u.

Private investment fund

It is a separate property complex consisting of property transferred to the trust manager by the founder, the share in the ownership of which is certified by a security.


1. Protection of the founder’s assets from the seizure of third parties

2. The name of the founder is not indicated in public sources

3. Reducing the tax burden on business

4. Risk diversification

5. Confidentiality

6. Long-term investment

Control level

The possibility of changing the management company, creating an investment committee of representatives’ shareholders and a range of transactions has been determined that the management company will not be able to carry out without prior approval


Suitable for asset owners, tax residents of the Russian Federation


Recognized by Russian law, which facilitates the creation and management process for a Russian investor


Reinvested profits are tax-free

Terms of cooperation:

Entry threshold – from $ 100,000 с.u.

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