Financial advisory for clients includes a full range of assistance, services, and final implementation in the context and in the field of investment management, tax planning, real estate consulting as well as antiques and jewelry. In other words, this service means expert appraisal and full support of clients’ personal finance.

The service is meant to build trust-based and fully open relations coupled with long-term financial planning for an individual or the entire family as well as for business.

Financial advisory includes expert appraisal and implementation of clients’ financial plan with different initial capital states: it can be net cash or a ready-made and working investment portfolio as well as family assets including real estate, jewelry, antiques, and the like.

Terms of cooperation:

Entry threshold – from 200,000 c.u.

We help you move from idea to implementation as quickly as possible.

For more information, please contact your personal manager and fill out the feedback form.

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