On February 26, 2020, Aravana Capital Management organized an event for its clients and partners – the Evening of the Famous Russian Economist, Professor, Scientific Director of the Institute of Financial Markets and Applied Economics of the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Head of the International Capital Markets Department of IMEMO RAN, Yakov Mirkin.

The event was held in the historical mansion of the master of Russian architectural modernism L.N. Kekusheva, which belongs to the Old Believer merchant family of the Nosovs.

Yakov Moiseevich before the atmospheric and, in part, biographical play “Winning game”, staged from his book “Open Door”, shared with the guests of the event thoughts about the current state of the Russian economy, about the challenges for the next 2 years, and also presented development scenarios Russian economy until 2025.

The most feasible development scenario, Yakov Moiseevich Mirkin, suggested the “Frozen Economy” option, which retains high volatility, a sharply changing development by jumping upward following world raw material prices, the dynamics of mega expenses in Russia (defense industry, megaprojects).

Guests of the evening especially appreciated the format of the event, it turned out to combine the cultural and educational component with a global vision of the history of the Russian economy and forecasts from a lead economist of the country. Aravana Capital Management will continue to organize client events of this format.

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