Co-founders of Aravana Capital Management Sergei Uskov and Ivan Kladau held a panel discussion for students of the Russian School of Economics (RES) on the topic “Features of international business development.”

As part of his speech, Managing Partner of Aravana Capital Management Sergei Uskov revealed the idea of the role of management in a business development. He also outlined the difference between hard skills (professional skills) and soft skills (personal qualities).

“If they ask me whom I will employ into my team: an introverted professional who is completely immersed in his business, or a person who is inferior to him in professionalism, but who has great communicative skills, who knows how to sell and promote solutions and the philosophy of the company, then I will stop my choice on the second.

An effective, but gloomy professional, of course, can be hired, but if there is a choice, I will always take a person with an inquiring mind. This is a person who wants to learn, develop, who is open to the outside world. Today, the world is changing very quickly, and demand with it. If a person is closed to everything new, then he will not survive in modern business. Communication skills are also extremely important for me, they reflect how friendly a person is towards other people,” commented Sergey.

Co-founder of Aravana Capital Management Ivan Kladau held a conversation with students on the specifics of the Russian and American stock markets. At the beginning, Ivan disclosed information about how the stock exchange works, touched upon the features of exchange trading and dwelled on financial instruments in more detail.

“Unfortunately, many successful people do not understand that having valuable experience and deep practical knowledge, they can be in great demand as teachers. I believe that in addition to knowledge in mathematics and statistics in trading, it is important to understand the mechanisms of the global financial system and cultivate responsibility, calmness and discipline. There is no shortage of trading advice now, however, if a student has access to practitioner, then it is needed to make the most of this opportunity to work more efficiently in the future. Our team, in turn, is happy to share their knowledge, making a significant contribution to the future of the financial markets. After all, the more high-quality, professional specialists there are on the market, the more efficiently the economy will show itself in the future, ”says Ivan.

In the last part of the event, speakers answered questions from the audience. Students were interested in issues related to the specifics of hedge funds and the specifics of work with stock markets. For many of them, the direction of the Multifamily Office was previously not known at all. As for the latter, we concluded: despite the fact that the direction is rather narrow, it is of interest not only among clients, but also among future specialists in the financial sector.

The panel discussion ended with gratitude to the speakers for the information received by the students to reflect on their future.

We are proud that an interest in non-standard areas of business is developing among future specialists in the financial field. For our part, we are doing everything to develop positive thinking for future professionals and shape a bright future for the world economy.


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