Head of LifeStyle to join the culture of the Viennese Ball

Ball, based on the Viennese tradition - not just a beautiful event. This is a cultural event, a tradition of communication and etiquette, a touch of creativity and art, beautiful outfits, faces and new acquaintances.

Proper partnership – not only business, but also pleasure

Friendly visit to the opening of a unique exhibition in the Hermitage


Shareholders of Aravana Capiatal Management invited their key customers to breathe in the fresh air of Valdai.

Сlient party in the Japanese art Gallery “Kasugai»

The theme of the event for Aravana Capital management customers was the theme of the Japanese sword and knife.

Master class for clients and partners in the Gallery of Author Porcelain at Imperial Porcelain Factory

The master class was held in a special hall of the flagship store in the gallery of the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

Our partners and customers gathered in a friendly INDEVER studio to play “What? Where? When?”

The game was held under the guidance of Mikhail Skipskiy – a masterly event host, two-time Crystal Owl winner and a good friend of the brand.