One of the first students who had an internship was Daria Melkher, a student of the Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg branch, International Business Faculty.

Daria completed an internship in the field of marketing research.

We asked Daria to give a small review. You can read it below:

“During the internship, I got the experience of full immersion in finance, familiar only from the training courses at the university. I was asked to complete tasks of various level of difficulty, and this made my internship more interesting and comfortable. Throughout the entire time I was supervised by the company’s specialists and it helped me in my work on a large marketing project to analyze the international market and companies in the financial sector in general.

I liked the atmosphere in the Company, the attitude of the employees and their willing to

help. I was satisfied with my result during the internship and with the knowledge I gained, now I continue my education more consciously.

All students who are choosing an internship, for whom full immersion in the financial sector, in the company and in business is important – you will definitely be interested!”

I would like to note that the results of Daria’s work are still used in building external communications of the Company.

In 2020, a third-year student of the Higher School of Economics Alexander Emelyanov began an internship in the direction of trading.

Alexander kindly provided feedback on his experience with Aravana Capital Management:

“My expectations about the internship at Aravana Capital Management were fully met. In addition to being constantly aware of the latest financial and economic news in the world, I also learned to assess the investment attractiveness of companies from different industries more deeply. From the first day my colleagues helped me actively, so I quickly adapted.

I would like to express my special gratitude to the Head of the Trading Department Valdis Vuldorfs. He made every effort to ensure that I had good experience during my internship.

This internship is suitable for students who have some knowledge in the field of finance and for those who want to get it.”