“The main principle is not to swim on the water, but to fly - this is our old dream”

Said Eric Tabarli, one of the great yachtsmen in the world. “We must forget about the laws of Archimedes, if we want to achieve frantic speeds.”

In October 1993, the Yellow Pages Endeavor set a world record with a speed of 46.52 knots (86.15 kilometers per hour). On that day, sailboats won back the palm tree among the representatives of sea sports.


Aravana Capital Management took part in the online conference «Macroeconomic Forecast for 2021. Best Investment Strategies», organized by the leading business publication in Russia – «Vedomosti»

Aravana Capital Management took part in a business breakfast dedicated to taxation and protection of business assets.

Aravana CM congratulated its partner Stargift on the opening of the first Russian gallery-boutique of autographs and celebrities