One of the main values for our Company is professionalism.

Over a period of several years, we have been working on creating the team capable of exceeding any expectations.  

To achieve this, we invest in fostering talent and further of developing our colleagues, whether they are just starting or are established professionals with many years of experience.

We are using progressive methods, working individually with every one of our employees in their training and development. 

We encourage people to venture out from their main business focus by participating in various service lines and departments, to have a broader experience and an opportunity to shape the Company’s overall success.

At the core of our Company are people united by the desire to promote common goals, as well as being responsible for their personal achievements and quality of their contribution.

We believe that the only way to create and maintain the Company’s success is to engage talented and passionate people. 

Exactly those who are driven, striving for constant improvement and are ready to consolidate their efforts to achieve the best results together, work at Aravana Capital Management.

If you share such approach and values, have your own opinion, which you are prepared to defend and want to influence the Company’s business direction as a member of Aravana’s team, please send your CV to us, having preliminary familiarized yourself with the privacy policy and processing of personal data here.

Together we are creating what will change the future!

    For people who are about to embark upon their careers

    For people who are about to embark upon their careers, the Company has an internship system that reveals insights into several business areas in order for a future expert to choose a specialty accurately.

    My first immersion into Finance

    Feedback from students who completed internships at Aravana Capital Management.