We, Aravana Capital Management, position ourselves as a private financial club that solves financial problems of different complexity, expands the business relations of our clients and takes care of their non-financial needs of various focuses.

In an effort to provide a high-level service in the areas of interest of the client, we launched Aravana LifeStyle so that each client can solve their issues and tasks on the basis of the “single window” principle.

What kind of service is this?

Aravana LifeStyle is a service that creates an atmosphere of exceptionality and exclusivity for customers. Due to cooperation with market leaders in different industries, as well as through its own expertise, Aravana LifeStyle successfully combines incompatible services for clients – starting from the selection of real estate and solving issues of second citizenship, tax and legal advice, assistance in collecting art objects, organization family and art travels to such important aspects as children’s education, upbringing and development of heirs.

Working with us you can ease the burden of personal commitments in your daily life and spend valuable time on something more important.

For all questions in this area, please contact your personal manager or write to us: hello@aravana-cm.com