Head of Lifestyle

My name is Marianna Shcherbakova and I am the Head of Lifestyle Department at Aravana Capital Management. I have over 20 years of professional career in banking and investment industry.

Ten years ago, I chose to focus on developing a new offering, Advisory Lifestyle.

This offering was practically unknown to private banking clients domestically. 

After several years, I managed to successfully combine what initially seemed as totally unconnected services into a “one stop shop” for private clients, seeking to address questions regarding the education for the next generation, charitable projects, art advisory, family travels and art tours, as well as legal and tax solutions for private clients.

Lifestyle is a service for clients with complex needs, possible to be delivered in partnership with the world class advisors and expert professionals in various areas, including the selection of real estate, dual citizenship issues, legal consulting, educational matters and, even, selection of gifts.

Lifestyle as part of the offering, we provide to our clients our personalized programs, such as “Gifts Calendar”, “We are Growing”, “Collector”.

I am the creator of the unique and exclusive Privilege Program in the private banking and investment services market. Currently no competitors are offering the same offering to their clients.

I will be very happy to see you among our clients!