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Turkey has bypassed 59 countries in terms of price growth

Turkey has bypassed 59 countries in terms of price growth

11 April 2023

Once again, Turkey’s leadership in terms of investment attractiveness of investments in residential real estate has been confirmed. Global Property Guide has published the results of another study of the world market in this area, for which information was collected on 60 states.

The top five, led by Turkey, are:

  • Turkey +63.02% (increase in the cost of housing for 2022, adjusted for inflation);
  • Vietnam +10.07%;
  • Russia +9.96%;
  • Iceland +9.78%;
  • Portugal +7.74%.

In general, over the year, taking into account inflation, prices have increased at least somehow in only 20 countries – that is, in every third state from those taken into account in statistics.

Well , the five outsiders turned out to be:

  • Argentina -51.76%;
  • New Zealand -18.13%;
  • Colombia -17.38%;
  • Hong Kong -16.81%
  • Latvia -15.95%.

In Turkey, Istanbul is still one of the most popular cities in terms of investment in housing.

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